Who is Leroy?


I could tell my adult life in dog stories. My favorite ones usually involve construction and my pups so called "assistance" during a renovation project. Our first pup loved to be with me at all times and never met a nail gun or skill saw that frightened him. He would sit there as I measured and cut trim, all while getting dusted in wood shavings. Then he would trot behind me and lay at the ladder's feet while I installed.  

One time I was doing demo in an 1920 Federal row house in DC with one of our dogs at my side. I strong armed a piece of base out of a wall and punctured my arm with a rusty nail (not recommended) and he immediately hopped up and started nuzzling my neck. Hours later after an ER visit and tetanus shot, he was back at my side and laid with me all night nursing my ego back to health.

There is something about a pup's loyalty and love that melts me. Leroy is my trusty partner and my 2nd everything...best friend, love of my life, cheerer upper and snuggle buddy.