You may be looking at this photo saying "OH MY!", but you've likely gone through a similar and painful process of selecting just the right color for a room. Choosing a hue is one of the most difficult decisions for any homeowner and for good reason. Color can alter your mood, it's often one of the first things you notice and there are just too many dang choices. Here are a few designer tips to help you through selecting your perfect shade.

Before even thinking about driving to the paint store for tiny little chips, get inspired with photos of rooms you find on websites like Houzz or Pinterest. Find spaces that make you feel something and fit with your overall aesthetic. You might be thinking of navy blue, emerald green or the perfect white and seeing completed rooms will help you narrow. Once you've found your inspiration, use the internet and professional designers to help you. There are thousands of colors to choose and from experience, designers largely know which ones pass and fail.

For example, you land on navy. Complete a simple search for "interior designer favorite navy" and the world wide web will return photos, blogs, paint chips and articles with your perfect shades. Using a specific paint brand like Sherwin Williams in your search will narrow it down even more. Even better, once you find your shade, searching for it specifically will return numerous photos of finished rooms for your viewing pleasure. 

You'll quickly learn that designers largely agree on the perfect hues and our expertise can help you narrow your selection to only a handful of colors. Exact hues in mind, head to the paint store to pick up those chips you've been dreaming about, or if you are like me, skip straight to 2 paint samples to put on the wall and see how the light hits them differently.