Ahhh. A break. If you follow me on facebook or Instagram you noticed a Hawaiian vacation pop up. It was time to take a break from the last few crazy months.  It was one year ago today that I left my corporate role and decided to do something...different. As you can imagine, leaving the fancy paycheck that was guaranteed to come every two weeks wasn’t an easy decision and certainly did not come lightly. After months of deliberation and my husband urging me (and supporting me) to make a change, I finally decided to jump.

I learned so much in my 20 years of corporate experience and really enjoyed the people that I collaborated with on a daily basis (if you’re reading this, I MISS you!), but it became increasingly obvious that my happiness was worth more to me than any power, influence, or money. I was working in what was for me, a toxic environment. Where the focus of my day was navigating the trail of dead bodies, lifting up the battered and beaten and triaging a host of problems. I kept thinking that if I was going to work this hard, I should be happier, feel more fulfilled, and be prouder of my accomplishments. What I felt were stress and frustration. A little secret ...I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do.

Not. A. Clue.

Feeling uncertain and hanging for dear life onto a quote that a friend sent me, “happiness is the new rich” (thanks, Jess) I started to figure things out in my new world. I took a month to travel Europe and begin to discover what was fun again. I interviewed when the recruiters called, but the more I interviewed, the more I realized that I wanted a big change, even if for a few years. My soul needed something else.

So after 15 years of part-time interior design for my husband's firm and a personal passion for interiors and renovation, Lisa & Leroy Design was born. It has been an amazing year. We bought another house, renovated it, learned a ton about being a small business owner, met some amazing clients, lost a best friend (miss you gran), traveled with family, got re-acquainted with the city I love (DC cherry blossoms really are spectacular) and most importantly...I found my happy.

It’s funny actually looking back on it now, but I am not sure I really knew how out of balance my life was. Or maybe I knew it was but didn’t fully understand what that meant. My marriage is stronger, my health has improved, my life is just fucking better. Yes, my bank account is a little lighter and my choice is not for everyone, but it’s made me reevaluate what is really important to me. Come to find out there are $150 shoes that are just as stylish as the $700 ones...who knew?

I certainly don’t advocate for anyone to quit their job without a plan, but in my case, it worked and I am a better person for it. Lisa & Leroy takes up a lot of time and I put in long hours, but we are thriving.  I never thought I would do this well in year one but I am really thankful for this community and all of my “first” clients that took a chance on me. You rock! That’s all.