I have been working with a lot of clients that are asking about adding color. (Which makes me smile). My first house had raspberry walls. Like REALLY pink. Looking back on it now, it probably wasn’t the best choice but it sure did make me smile every day. It was a little like a Gymboree store and to many, it was a lot to look at. I have never been afraid of a little (or a lot) of color and if you have seen my work, you know that it's a part of my brand and I am not afraid to use it.  

But adding color to a space is the scariest concept to so many of you. I meet many clients who love color but aren’t sure how.  On the other end of the spectrum, (and more often the case), I walk into a project and find an explosion of color and clients that find themselves quickly “out of love.” If you fall on the side that loves color but fears it looking like a circus, there are a few tips that can help you strike a balance. If you find yourself on the circus side, call me. Ringleader to the rescue.

If you want that “pop” of color without a big commitment, go with accessories. Think in terms of 60-30-10. 60% of the room color is going to be on the walls. Go neutral in a pale gray, cream, white, or greige. When you get to the main upholstery or your 30%, add in more neutral. I know what you are thinking...I WANT COLOR. You’ll get it, just stick with me. Remember too that neutral doesn’t mean solid and certainly doesn’t mean matching. On the contrary, mixing neutral patterns and colors will add depth and dimension. Don’t choose the same upholstery for every this case, matching is a no no.

Now you come to color or the 10%. Add in accessories that are high on style and low on commitment. Bright accents like bold coffee table books, throw pillows and artwork will give you the punch you are looking for and add a lot of instant happy to a room. You can even select a colorful accent chair or pouf. Bold statements in the smallest amounts will give you a sophisticated (and not too scary) introduction to the wonderful (and instant mood lifting) world of color.