1. LET's get to know each other.

Our goal is to create a space that fits your style, family and needs.  So before we get started, we'll spend time listening, learning and sharing photos to gain a thorough understanding of your vision and functional needs. Collaboration is key, and whether you want to meet in person or via video, we'll make it easy and convenient.


2. let's DESIGN.

Once we have a clear understanding of your wants and needs, we'll give you an initial concept,, followed by up to two complimentary revisions.  Whether it's a furniture refresh or detailed floor plans for a room addition, we'll make sure that the space planning and finishes are exactly what you want.



Next, you'll receive a final plan that includes everything we need to get started and can include: detailed item descriptions, shopping lists, dimensions and a 3D rendering to envision your space. If you are renovating and need construction services, a full quote will be provided at this time.

(NOTE: We complete all construction work through our award winning home improvement division, SUNDANCE CONTRACTING .)


4. LET's SHOP.

Now's the time to purchase the items on your shopping list.  Short on time? Select our shopping service and we'll handle it for you.  If construction is part of your plan, contracts for any work will be finalized at this point.



Once we have the design, contract, permits and materials at the job, we will complete the construction and/or installation of any project.  And while we love seeing a project through to completion, you always have the option to construct or install the design on your own.  We do work with do-it-your-selfers who want us to create the vision and then do the work themselves.  Either way, you're going to love what comes next: sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the results.